CashCrate Tips: 5 Amazing Tips To Increase Your Earnings

To get the most out of these CashCrate tips and tricks you should make sure you’re a member of CashCrate, as registering is the first step.

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CashCrate Tips and Tricks

1) Create a new e-mail account

You will need a legitimate e-mail account to complete surveys, but since you won’t want your real account being flooded with spam you must create a new one.

Click here for my preferred account host. I also recommend you switch to a new Gmail account every 2 weeks as this helps get your offers cleared faster.

2) Learn to separate e-mail confirmations from spam

The reason you need a working e-mail is because many of your offers require confirmation in order for you to get paid. In layman’s terms, you must prove to them you are a real person. Fortunately this only takes a few seconds.

The confirmation e-mails will have subject titles similar to the following:

- Please confirm your Account!
- Thanks for registering with Please open for information!
- Welcome to the team Your Name.
- Your confirmation
- Please activate your account


Watch out for these kinds of messages because you may need to open them and click their confirmation message.

Also, make sure none of your legitimate confirmation e-mails are being sent to your spam filter. Go to (Spam) in G-Mail to double check.

3) Use CCleaner

Some offers on CashCrate are hosted by the same company and sometimes if your computer has already filled out one of their offers, they won’t credit you for others.

CCleaner is a free program that clears your browser’s cookies, allowing you to complete as many of the same company’s offers as you want.

For maximum profit, run CCleaner and clear your cookies after every offer.

You can download CCleaner here and find installation help here.

4) Refer your friends!

As an active member of CashCrate, you are immediately placed in one of the best referral programs in the business. You will receive 20% of your referral’s earnings and 10% of their referrals earnings.

The more people you refer, the more money you will make.

To find your referral link, go into your Members Area and click Referral Info. Spread this link to as many people as you can and rack up the cash!

5) Don’t get burnt out!

I’ll be completely honest: filling out firms gets very boring. I don’t do it because I love it and I don’t do it because it will make me rich. I do it because it’s incredibly easy and it makes me a decent amount of extra cash for doing simple work.

It’s very easy to go balls out immediately and get sick of it, which is why I divide my CashCrate time into small, even increments throughout the week. For instance, whenever I realize I’m just sitting around online, doing nothing productive, I fire up 20 surveys, complete them and log off. It’s a large enough amount of surveys for me to make decent cash, but it’s not so many that I get completely sick of it.

I suggest you find your own comfort level in order to keep CashCrate fun and interesting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these CashCrate tips! If so, please link them to your friends and feel free to click the Facebook like button below. Be sure to check in later as more Cash Crate tips will be added.