CashCrate Referrals: Getting Easy Referrals

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Getting CashCrate referrals is the easiest method to profit from CashCrate. You will earn 20% of each of your referrals overall earnings and 10% of the earnings of their referrals. It’s an excellent form of passive income which quickly adds to your solid stream of cash by filling out forms yourself.

To get CashCrate referrals you must get someone to sign up under your special link which can be found under the “Referrals” link in your Member’s Section.

CashCrate Referrals

Here are the best CashCrate referral methods:

1) Flyers, stickers and business cards.

I printed 420 stickers from VistaPrint with a catchy slogan and my URL on the bottom and stuck them in high traffic areas around my city. In fact, chances are good that many of you reading this came to my site after seeing one of these stickers.

If you place them in the proper areas they will net you an infinite amount of traffic as new people will see it every day.

After searching online I found VistaPrint to have the best deals on business cards, stickers and flyers.

2) Creating a web site or blog.

The more information you can provide about something, the more likely it is that people will want to be involved with it.

CashCrate is a great service, but one that comes with many questions. This site provides plenty of useful information to future CashCrate earners which in turn nets me many referral signups.

Providing help and information to others will greatly increase your referral stats.

If you’re looking for a free blog, Blogger is a great choice, but a custom web site is better in my opinion. It looks more professional and you have much more control over it’s design and functionality.

If you want to start your own site, I recommend using Namecheap to register your domain and HostGator for hosting as I have received excellent service with both.

3) Referring friends and family.

Everybody wants to earn extra cash online, so CashCrate is an easy sell. E-mailing, instant messaging and chatting in real life can definitely get a large amount of referrals. It’s even better if you have a web site to link them to because they can get all of their questions answered immediately while you tell more people about CashCrate. Find out more about referring friends and family.

4) Adding your link into forum signatures.

Most forums available online allow custom text in signatures that appear below every post you make. This is an excellent tool for promotion and can be used on every message board you post on. Add a brief explanation of CashCrate along with your referral link or just drop your web site which looks much less spammy.

5) Adding a .txt file to uploaded files.

Another method to earn money online is to make money uploading files. There are lots of forums dedicated to new music which lead to thousands of downloads of .rar and .zip files.

Slipping in a .txt file with the title “Want To Earn Extra Cash?” and your site/referral link in the message will surely get you lots of curious visitors.

This can be used in addition to your custom signature on each forum you post download links on.

6) Using Twitter.

Twitter is a new and rapid expanding site that allows users to update their followers with any information they like. It’s 100% free promotion! One can easily see how this is a marketer’s dream.

My method is to create an account, add as many people as I can each day, and wait for them to follow me back. Many of them do, some of them do it, this is fine. Once I’ve built up a stable of followers, I drop my link once a week with a catchy phrase like “Do you want to earn money online” and let the curious clickers come crawling in.

Tip: It’s easier to get followers if your Twitter account provides something useful. I use my account to link a free download for a hip-hop song every day. You can do something similar as well, perhaps a free funny Youtube video? There are plenty of niches to use to gain followers.

7) Answering questions on Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers commonly features questions about CashCrate, earning money by filling out forms, taking surveys and making money online. If you’re quick to answer with a meaningful and helpful post, your reply can get tagged as the best response and appear at the top of the page. If you slip in your referral link somewhere in there, that’s a lot of clicks.

This method is particularly good because you can explain what CashCrate is and illustrate the benefits of using the program before you tell them where to go. Your information will entice them to give it a try.

Conclusion: I hope you’ve enjoyed these CashCrate referrals tips. There are many more methods to getting referrals, but these are my favorite. Just remember, the more traffic, the better! So do whatever you can to spread the word and get CashCrate referrals.