CashCrate Payment Method FAQ

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A common question people ask about taking surveys for Cash Crate is, “Does CashCrate really pay you or not?” The short, simple, and honest and truthful answer is yes.

I’ve already covered whether or not Cash Crate is a scam on this blog extensively, and the answers on that page will answer this question as well. However, I’ll delve further into how Cash Crate pays you and the other questions which are similar to that.

What is the standard CashCrate payment method?

Cash Crate pays you in one of two ways. The first method is with a standard check and the second is a direct deposit into your checking account. At this point in time Cash Crate doesn’t pay out in PayPal money.

Getting paid by Cash Crate with a check:

The check is made out to your name and mailed to you and can be cashed at any standard bank. I’ve cashed a check at both Bank of America and at Chase (formerly Washington Mutual) banks. You can view pictures of a Cash Crate check on this site, or you can check out a giant list of the checks on the Cash Crate website. As you can see, they mail out 100% real checks which can be cashed.

Getting paid with a Cash Crate bank deposit:

The second method of Cash Crate payment is by a direct bank deposit. I prefer this method because it eliminates the hassle of going to the bank and cashing the actual check. It’s a single direct deposit and it comes on time, every single month. To select the Cash Crate bank deposit payment method, you must go into your Account Information and change the Payment Settings. You’ll need your primary banks address, the bank city, state and zipcode, as well as your routing number and checking account number.

How often do Cash Crate pay you? When does CashCrate pay you?

There are 2 payment options for frequency of payment. The Cash Crate payment frequency is largely dependent on how much money you’re making. If you’re making over $100 a week with Cash Crate, which is certainly possible with high-volume survey taking and effective use of the Cash Crate referral system, then you’re eligible to make weekly cashouts. If you make less than that then you’re only eligible for a single cashout per month.

Do you have to pay $20 for Cash Crate payouts and withdrawals?

No. You don’t have to pay Cash Crate anything to either use their service or cash money out of your account. However, you must earn at least $20 before requesting a cash payment. Fortunately, making $20 with Cash Crate is very easy and this won’t be a problem.

Getting paid with Cash Crate is a very easy thing to do. Cash Crate has a long history of paying out its survey takers on time, every time. All you must do is complete surveys, earn at least $20, and you’ll receive a bank deposit or have a check mailed to you. It really is that simple.