Stay Away From CashCrate Hacks

Note: CashCrate has nothing to do with CashCrate hacks, they don’t hack or scam. They are a legitimate company and one of the best ways to make money online.

I’m sure some of you have searched for ways to make money faster with CashCrate and ran into something called ‘cashcrate hacks’.

Usually these hacks promise hundreds of dollars or points with just a few simple clicks. Often offering  video ‘proof’ on YouTube and mentioning you just need to click the link to start making large amounts of cash.

Unfortunately some people are tempted by these offers and find out the hard way that cashcrate hacks simply do not work. In fact they are the fastest way to get yourself permanently banned from the CashCrate program. Below I’ll give an overview of why these hacks are scams.

Why CashCrate Hacks Don’t Work

1. If these hacks actually existed why would someone ever post about it on YouTube? A large number of people would suddenly start making a lot of money without filling in surveys. What is Cash Crate going to do if they see that?

2. CashCrate would also just have to Google ‘cashcrate hack 2012’ and find the exact same results you are getting. Instantly giving them the information needed to stop the hack from working.

3. Another problem is that if these hacks worked (they don’t), why would you risk it? CashCrate only pays with checks, so you’re going to have to cash a check that you got from defrauding a large company. Are you willing to risk large fines or even time in prison for a few hundred dollars at most?

What Cash Crate Hacks Really Are

In reality these cashcrate hack videos are simply scams. If you look at the videos they never offer any real proof. They simply list a few steps on notepad, then head to and hit a few buttons named ‘cash’ or ‘points’ and show a picture of their ‘hacked’ earnings. They never show their cashcrate login, show the hack working and them withdrawing and receiving money!

These videos are just ways to either get your to sign up under them as a referral, or to get you to click on their link to advertise an offer that has nothing to do with cashcrate. These offers are a waste of time and often cost far more money than you will ever make with them.

Even worse, some of these links are trying to get you to download and install programs. Never, ever download these programs as they can contain viruses and other malware. Instead of hacking CashCrate to get free money, you risk being hacked by following the advice of these ‘hackers’.

In short, cashcrate hacks are scams. They don’t work, are unsafe and they are just trying to make money off you.

I hope this article has convinced you to stay away from CashCrate hacks and stick to earning money in a legit way.