Pictures Of A CashCrate Check

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Many people still think CashCrate is a scam and are completely baffled at the thought of trying to make money online as it’s something many people can promise but few can guarantee. Well, here is actual proof in the form of a CashCrate check.

Online income isn’t a fable. Believe it or not, you actually can make cash on the internet for doing very little.

Once you have completed the minimum amount of offers ($20) you are eligible to cash out your money and receive a CashCrate check.

Their checks are 100% real and can be cashed at any major bank without hassle. I myself, along with many other online entrepreneurs have done this many times over and haven’t had a single problem yet.

Picture of a CashCrate Check

Here is an old picture that a friend of mine sent in after his first week of Cash Crate. This is the result of under 3 hours of work, although he said he’s much quicker than most others would be.

Even so, this is proof Cash Crate is legitimate and they do mail real checks to their customers. Those who don’t think Cash Crate is real should take a look at this CashCrate check and check out my CashCrate review.

CashCrate check

Another CashCrate check

A CashCrate check is an awesome thing to find when going through your mail. One second you’re shuffling through the regular junk mail and then boom! you’re holding a check for the money that you earned by doing basically nothing.

It is a marvellous feeling.