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Below is the most comprehensive and honest CashCrate review on the web. I’ve maintained this site for the past 3+ years, updating it with new information whenever the readers have asked questions.

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What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a site that allows you to earn money by taking online surveys absolutely free. You fill out basic information about yourself, such as your name, address and city and voluntarily sign up for spam. Creating a new e-mail for the spam is a must-do method in order to achieve success with this program and to make money with CashCrate.

It’s against the rules to use false information so I use my real info, but I’ve never received any phone calls or anything, just e-mail spam. I also never sign up for the high paying offers that cost money or require a credit card, although there’s only a few of these available.

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How much can you earn with CashCrate?

The amount you make is dependent on the effort you put in, but with my current system I am making around $15 an hour filling out these forms.

Most 100% free surveys are between .25 and .50 cents, but there are frequently surveys in the $1-$2 range. To find the highest offers, go to cashcrate and find out for yourself as different locations have different paying offers.

In general, completing a single survey takes around 5 minutes, but with my new method I complete around 10 surveys in 10 minutes. Not every survey clears and gets credited every time, but a high % of them do. Even using this method at a slow pace, you can easily complete 30-40 forms per hour, averaging out to around $15 an hour. Following the guides of other reviews is unlikely to produce these results.

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CashCrate - The #1 Online Survey Site

Does CashCrate scam you?

Does CashCrate scam you or do they actually pay out to their customers? That is most common question people have about CashCrate. Everybody has their own suspicions and wants to know is CashCrate a scam or not. So many potential users let their questions get in the way of them actually making money for relatively little work. This is the reason I have started this site.

Does CashCrate scam you? Absolutely NOT!CashCrate review

It comes down to this: CashCrate gets paid a certain amount of money for every legitimate offer you complete with valid personal information.

This is clearly a large amount of money as they are able to stay in business while paying out the small guys like us.

Anyway, of that money they earn from our sign ups and poll completion, they give us a large cut of the total income. If they were ripping us off and were found out, they would lose a LOT of clients and their bottom line would begin to go downhill immediately.

They already make lots of money by working as a legit company, so why would they scam someone and jeopardize everything they have worked for? They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by staying on the up and up and paying their workers who complete their polls and surveys.

They simply have far too much to lose by getting caught being dishonest and lying to us. In conclusion, the CashCrate scam does NOT exist! It is a real and honest company.

If you’re still wondering “is CashCrate a scam?”, click the link to see pictures of one of the many CashCrate checks I have received over the years.

What do I do once I’ve created my free account?

Log in to your account and go to your member’s area. This will display your free offers. Sort your offers by ’100% Free’ and “Payout” to get the highest paying free offers.

Now click the offer on the left side, select “Fill Forms” in RoboForm and hit submit. Now go back to the offers page and click the green submit button on the right side. Voila! You’ve just completed your first offer and are now ready to begin making some decent cash.

Note: Make sure you’ve read the instructions for each form properly. Some forms require more than one page, some require two, etc. You don’t want to accidentally only fill out one page and not receive credit for the offer.

Is CashCrate legit?

CashCrate is 100% legit. If you do a Google image search for “CashCrate” you can find many pictures of peoples CashCrate checks, many of which are in the thousand dollar range. You can find an example here: CashCrate Check.

Why would they give away money?

The most important thing to understand is that they aren’t GIVING away money. You are earning it. For every form you fill out, they are paid a certain amount by the advertisers. Of that amount, a high % of it is deposited into your earnings.

They make money every time you fill out a form. They have absolutely no reason to cheat you. They make tons of cash as a legitimate business and stand far too much to lose if they were ever caught cheating.

Do You Need A Credit Card For CashCrate?

One of the most common questions people constantly ask about the CashCrate program is how much will it cost them and is it safe?cashcrate review

They hear horror stories of people being scammed or lead into signing up for things with their credit card, leaving them high and dry when the bill comes and having no cash in their account balance to show for it.

This is all hoopla mixed with unfounded accusations, mostly by people who have never done anything with the program, only sat from the sidelines and complained.

While there are certain offers that do require a credit card to process them and receive money from them, they are both completely optional and frequently will not cost you any money.

For instance, some of them are offers where you sign up for the trial of a program, and once your trial is up, you do not have to continue paying for it. This is profitable because the amount of money CashCrate gives you for signing up is almost always more than the first month bill that you are required to pay.

And of course, like I just stated before, these offers are completely optional and can be ignored by those of you who simply do not want their credit cards to come into contact with any offer whatsoever.

What are you waiting for? Start earning cash right now!

CashCrate - The #1 Online Survey Site

Despite the fact that there are SOME offers which require credit cards, there are many more which do not. There are many more offers available through the CashCrate program for you to complete without any credit cards or bank information passing through, allowing you to make money from the offers without any risk.

If everyone who signed up for the program had to use their credit card and lose money, the program wouldn’t be around because nobody would keep coming back and the word of mouth would absolutely destroy their business reputation. It is beneficial for the company to keep providing surveys and offers for those of us without credit cards as it allows them to make much more money than otherwise.

One of the biggest facts that prove that not all offers require a credit card is the fact that the program allows people to sign up and use the site who are ages 13 and older.

This would obviously be a moot point if all of the offers required a credit card as children cannot legally have them in their possession.  This makes it obvious that there are many more offers available that do not allow credit card or require one at all to make money and the offer.

Simple sort the offers by the 100% free category in the offers section and you can see all of the surveys to take that require nothing more than your information, like always.

What type of offers are available on CashCrate?

When CashCrate started their business they only offered regular surveys. However over the last years they have added many other types of offers. Currently you can get paid for the following type of offers:

Surveys: With the recently added excellent daily surveys.

Offers: Where you get paid for trials, installs and such.

Shopping: You get cash back when you shop at certain sites, such as iTunes, Walmart and Foot Locker. Cash-back percentages range from 1% to 26%, but most are around 3-4%. It’s a good way to earn some money back if you were going to buy something anyway!

Games: You can also play games and earn points which you can exchange for gift cards at a large number of stores like Amazon, iTunes, Walmart and many others.

CashCrate Review Conclusion:

CashCrate is an excellent service that allows you to earn money for doing very simple work. You can easily make an extra $500 a month by only working a few hours a week.

So don’t wait, get started now and earn some extra money. If you have more questions on additional ways to make money with this program, check out my article on getting CashCrate referrals.

CashCrate - Sign Up Now & Start Earning Immediately!